Your Reception….The Best Party Of Your Life!

There are times in our lives that simply call for a party. You probably missed the first party held with the purpose of celebrating you; unless your mom gave birth before your baby shower. If you live life long enough, there will be numerous occasions to celebrate. However, there is one reason that stands above the rest and that is the reception on your wedding day.

The reception is that one event that has the greatest potential of going viral for the outrageous and spectacular events that occur that evening. The reception offers the best platform for a terrific time. People are dressed their very best (looking good to meet someone new). The food is typically fantastic. At most receptions, there is usually music and dancing. The décor can be breathtaking and the attendees can be charismatic and fun. It’s the combination of these components that together create a remarkable night. So, how can you make it an unforgettable night? The following could add some great memories to your reception night…

  1. It’s your night. The wedding reception has a pre-set agenda. People expect certain traditions to be followed throughout the night. However, the unexpected can offer the WOW factor. What if you met at a Prince concert? What if you want to have the band play a whole night of Prince’s greatest hits? What if you want to drink purple cocktails all night long? What if the lighting, cake and bridesmaid dresses all match the singer’s favorite color? What if we remember it is your night? In other words, celebrate the way you want to; not the way people expect you to. Your reception is a great opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of who you are as a couple and what you love the most.

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  3. If you are trying to impress your guests, go beyond picking out the most beautiful gown. Be sure your venue offers a beautiful backdrop for you and your mate. Choose a location that not only fits your budget but also fits your personalities. If you are a couple who enjoys science, why not have your reception at the science museum? Whatever venue you select, make sure you hire the right vendors to help transform your area into the fairytale event you have always imagined. Any space can be made beautiful with the right team of professionals.

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  5. Save on the alcohol tab and create a couple of signature drinks. Not only will it save you serious money, it will also create something unique and fun that your guest will love. Name the drinks after the bride and the groom and create them their with favorite drink combinations. You can also create non-alcoholic versions for the children and the non drinkers in attendance.

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  7. Most cultures have a line dance that they incorporate at some point of the reception. The popular Cha Cha and Electric Slide have many different variations at this point. However, what if you mixed things up a bit? Have a dance instructor join the reception to teach your attendees how to do a great cultural dance outside of your own culture. For instance, your guest could learn how to do a Bollywood line dance or the Merengue. Encourage everyone who can to hit the dance floor by making it your money dance. Have the members of the wedding party be the dance instructor’s first round draft pick. Then let the bridesmaids and ushers pull up other guests to teach them the steps. Don’t forget to get video!

  8. Food Stations could be a great way of making sure everyone is satisfied with their meal. If the budget permits, different types of menus can be established around the room. There could be an American Cruise booth, a Chinese Buffet booth, an Ethiopian Banquette booth, or a Latino Spread booth that offers a full or half meal. Another option would be to have a four or five course meal with each course being from a different part of the world.

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  10. Who said the reception required that you danced the night away? What if you picked a non-dancing theme? Remember, the reception is a celebration of the couple. What if your wedding reception was held at an unconventional location like a bowling alley, park or casino? You could reserve a special room for the cake and dining activities. Hire an expert design company (Like Encore Event Design) to create a festive atmosphere to make a typical Saturday night bowling event into a memorable bowling reception. Instead of taping glasses, you could make every strike require a kiss!

  11. Are you inviting children to the reception? Little partiers can be a huge hit at receptions. Give them opportunities to shine by giving them small jobs to do. By all means, let them hit the dance floor early. The sooner they dance, the sooner they sleep. You could provide a table just for them with coloring and activity books along with kid friendly (cheaper) meals. Keep a watchful eye on them but let them mingle with the crowd. Receptions are a great time to get to know your third cousin on your mother’s side.

  12. Get great photographs by creating a wedding hashtag. Included in your wedding invite package or on cards at the reception, provide the hashtag and invite people to capture memories. However, you must remind your audience that you have hired a professional that will provide you with the essential shots. Therefore, an included note card that reads: We invite you to capture our special day with photography. Please share your photos with us by using #jenandphill2016 on your social media sites. Please note, we have also paid professional photographers to also capture special moments throughout the evening. Therefore, you can remain in seated areas throughout the ceremonies. Thank you!

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  14. A wedding reception is a time in which the bride and groom are celebrating finding true love. However, there may be guests who have not yet found their soul mates. Traditionally, the bride throws a bouquet to all the single ladies. Then the groom throws the garter to all the single men. Then one poor couple is forced to interact in front of the entire wedding party. Be an encourager of real change by taking this time to talk to the singles about preparing for their special day. Give an opportunity for singles to be recognized by pulling them together for an interactive event such as a dance off or battle of the sexes competition.

  15. Before you whisk away to your honeymoon, don’t forget to thank your guests. There will be thank you cards to fill out later, but an informal thank you on a token gift is a great way to end the evening. Your guests will feel appreciated and you will know that if you delay those thank you cards because you were a little bit busy…well, you actually already thank them.

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Whatever you decide to do at your reception, don’t forget to have fun! After all it just might be the best party of your life.


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