Why Should I Hire an Event designer

Event Designer Pittsburgh

When you plan a party, no matter the reason, you want to impress. Whether it is your first shindig or your 100th, you do not want to disappoint your guests. Whatever event you are celebrating–birthday, graduation, sales pitch, anniversary—an event planner will ensure all the details are planned out keep your guests entertained. If you need more convincing as to why you should hire a Pittsburgh event planner, keep on reading.

#1 It’ll save you time

Nearly everyone is busy today and doesn’t have the time to plan an entire event. An event planner frees you up from all of the details that turn 5 minutes into an hour. Your Pittsburgh event planner will handle contact with the venue, the caterer, and the entertainment. The event planner, also known as an event designer, will even handle your invitations.

#2 Saves You Money

Your Pittsburgh event planner knows the ins and outs of planning and designing. All you have to do is give your event planner your budget and they will work their magic. All event designers have connections with vendors that will save you money. They work exclusively with vendors to guarantee the best rate for all of your needs.

#3 Event design

Your Pittsburgh event planner knows how to make a party look great. Sure, you may decorate fairly well, but your event designer knows which details give flair.  A good event designer will be creative and can flip a drab environment into a wonderland. With products like custom balloons, linens, and other decorations, your guests will be amazed!

#4 Site

You will not choose the wrong venue to hold your event. Your Pittsburgh event designer will calculate every tangible and intangible involved in choosing the venue, and its location. The venue and its location will often dictate the number of no-shows. Your event planner knows which sites match up well based on the goals of your event. Whether you are celebrating or selling, the location must be carefully considered.

#5 Support crew

Based on your needs, you may require a DJ, videographer, photographer, emcee, or any other number of ancillary support staff and entertainment. Your Pittsburgh event designer has these connections as well. He or she won’t only know one DJ, but will easily compile quotes from which you can choose.

#6 Time to eat

Your Pittsburgh event designer will handle every aspect of your event that you can actually take the time to have a meal during your event. Without an event planner, you end up spending all of your time checking on your guests to ensure their own enjoyment that you forget about yours. Your event planner will allow you to enjoy yourself.

#7 Stress-free

If you were to plan the entire event on your own, you might feel a sense of accomplishment. Is that worth the stress involved? Your Pittsburgh event planner will take all the stress away. After all, you do have a life, a job, family—you do not need an additional burden.

The best decision you could make when planning your special event is to hire your very own event designer. You will not regret this decision because an event planner will make your event spectacular and special. You can contact professionals like Encore Event Design to help you begin planning your next Pittsburgh event!