Valentine’s Day Balloon Gift Ideas

Valentine's day balloons

If you are looking for something new to surprise your special someone with this Valentine’s Day, then consider some of these balloon gift ideas for a stunning and romantic surprise! At Encore Event Design, we offer a wide range of balloon design services that are sure to impress this Valentine’s Day! From columns and bouquets to archways and centerpieces, we have the tools and the expertise to help you find the perfect balloon gift.

Balloon Forest
With shiny foil heart balloons, solid-colored balloons, and printed latex hearts, you can take your loved one on a journey into a Valentine’s Day balloon forest! Surprise them with a romantic breakfast accented with an array of pinks and reds or give a home-cooked dinner a sweet atmosphere with a whimsical balloon forest in the kitchen. You could also fill their office with a variety of heart-shaped balloons to brighten their day.

We have a wide range of Valentine’s Day-themed balloons that we can fill with helium, tie to balloon weights, and arrange them at different heights for a lush look. We can also add variety to the forest look by filling other balloons with air, so they glide across the floor for a truly unique experience.

Romantic Centerpieces
Planning to have an in-home meal for Valentine’s Day? Bring the elegance of a fancy restaurant to your home with an expertly designed balloon centerpiece. Our balloon centerpieces are the perfect way to accent a beautiful arrangement of flowers, chocolates, or champagne for a romantic evening. You can place heart balloons on a platter of romantic gifts or add a special touch to the table by accenting your special someone’s bouquet with a gorgeous balloon centerpiece. We will expertly design a centerpiece that will complement your romantic meal while being small enough that it doesn’t get into the way of conversation.

Balloon Bouquets
Looking for a bouquet that lasts longer than real flowers and makes more of a visual impact? Then consider a balloon bouquet for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Using a variety of colors and heart designs, we can design a stunning balloon bouquet that you can surprise them with at their office, a fancy dinner date, or at home while sharing a candlelight meal. You can go the traditional route with reds and pinks, or we can customize the bouquet to match their favorite colors.

Balloon Columns
Thinking of going on a romantic picnic? Want to make a big statement for your loved one when they enter your home on Valentine’s Day? Consider using balloon columns to decorate the picnic area or your home for a special touch. These columns can be made from a variety of Valentine’s Day colors and can even be topped with foil letters to spell out messages such as “I Love You,” or if you plan to propose on this romantic holiday, “Will You Marry Me?” The possibilities are endless, and by working with our expert designers, you can create customized columns that help you express how you feel.

Balloon Archways
These archways are great for indoor and outdoor Valentine’s Day surprises, and whether you plan to take a romantic walk through the park, ending with a picnic or want to transform your home into a romantic getaway, our beautiful archways can help add a special touch.

You can use the archway to accent your romantic dinner set up of candles, champagne, and chocolates, or you may consider adding an archway near the picnic area you will be sharing for your date to add a special touch to the outdoor space. With metallic balloons, letter balloons, and heart-shaped balloons, our expert designers can help you create a stunning balloon arch for your Valentine’s Day Celebration. Whether you want to spell out the word “love” or create a unique red and pink archway, we can help you put love in the air with our balloon designs.

Balloon Delivery Services Pittsburgh

In addition to our expert balloon design services, we also offer quality, reliable balloon delivery services to help take the stress out of Valentine’s Day planning. We know how much goes into planning the perfect romantic evening, so to make it easier for our wonderful customers, we will now be offering balloon delivery services for your special day, so you have one less thing to worry about! Contact us today for more details about our balloon design and delivery services!