Tips on hiring a Pittsburgh wedding planner or coordinator

Wedding Planning Pittsburgh

The question was popped. “Yes” was the answer. It was all so easy. Now the fun part. You have been waiting for this moment your entire life. You and your girlfriends have shared ideas of the dream wedding for years. The perfect cake; the first song; the dress; the flowers; the music. It was all so simple, sitting around the table with the girls, fantasizing about it. But now it’s about to get real and you know by now, that time does not wait for anyone. Sure, mom can help. Your chosen maid of honor can help. Your to-be mother in law, maybe? Face it, you need a wedding planner.  From start to finish, a wedding planner, sometimes called a wedding coordinator, will minimize, or eliminate much of the typical and untypical stress. The stress that will surely occupy the next several months of your life will be heavy. Well then…you better pick a good wedding planner Yikes!

Do your research!

Whether you view this as the most important day of your life or an extremely costly investment, or both, you should treat this hire much like choosing a doctor or a lawyer. Yes really! You must not take the first result in Google and call it a day.


To plan for the perfect wedding in Pittsburgh, follow these guidelines:

Explore popular wedding planning websites!

  • Explore websites like Theknot or Brides to get ideas and leads on wedding planners that are local to you. Also, dare I say, do not forget Pinterest These sites are wonderful and will connect you will local contacts in your city or whatever location you desire.

Formulate a list of possible wedding planners and go to their website.

  • The website is the window into the talent of your planner. It is not the end all be all but it is their best opportunity to convince you to choose them. If their site is shoddy…well pass then. Of course, a good website does not guarantee their expertise.

View the photos of their past work with a keen eye.

  • This will provide insight to their style and taste. This is your opportunity to align your taste with that of the planner.

Find out about the services offered and inquire about the costs.

  • There are typically full-service packages or partial packages. You can choose to be more hands-on or let the planner take complete control.

Check their references!!

  • And increasingly helpful now are the reviews populated by Google, Yelp!, and also Theknot. These testimonials will prove invaluable and wedding planners, not unlike any other business, work hard to improve and maintain their ratings.

Make time to meet and talk with your top choices.

  • This is imperative as it is probably a good idea to get along with the planner of the most important day of your life.

Lastly, make your decision.

This will be the best decision you make, other than saying yes of course! Plan your wedding with as little stress as possible. With wedding planners like Encore Event Design, you can have the wedding of your dreams with ease. Sign the contract and enjoy the ride.