The Event Planner vs. The Day of Coordinator

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When planning a major event, like a wedding, you may find that you don’t know where to start or that you need help keeping all the details in order. If you are considering hiring someone to assist you, it is essential to understand the difference between an event planner and a day of coordinator, to ensure you choose the services that best suit the needs of your event.

What is an Event Planner?


An event planner’s duties are focused on keeping track of the budget and the overall logistics of the event. From the vendor referrals to the contract negotiations, event planners handle every detail right down to the execution of your vision the day of the event.

Event planners can help you take the guesswork out of the event planning process and can help make planning a large event, like a conference or wedding, as smooth as possible.  Keep in mind you are trusting the event planner to handle significant components of your event like the budgeting and logistics. With that being said, it is important to seek out an event planner with years of experience and the proper credentials that put them a step above the rest. 

At Encore Event Design, we offer expert event planning services as well as event design services to help you organize and execute the creative aspects of your event.

Duties of an Event Planner

Event planners handle all things related to budgeting and logistics. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Providing vendor referrals
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Scheduling and attending vendor meetings, site tours, and menu tastings
  • Composing detailed timelines and floor plans
  • Helping develop and manage the budget
  • Brainstorming event style ideas
  • Coordinating design details
For an event like a wedding, the event planner will manage the rehearsal, coordinate hotel room blocks as well as transportation arrangements. The event planner also oversees everything on the day of the event to ensure the timeline is followed while handling issues, managing vendors, and ensuring your vision is executed correctly.

Do You Need an Event Planner?


An event planner can be a beneficial asset in planning and executing your event. Consider an event planner for your next Pittsburgh event if:

  • You have the budget for it
  • You don’t have enough free time to plan your event yourself
  • You have a short time frame to plan
  • You need help getting started or organizing the planning of your event
  • You want to make planning your event as stress-free as possible

What is a Day of Coordinator?


Both an event planner and a day of coordinator are logistically focused. The main difference is that the day of coordinator is working on a shorter timeline than the event planner. A day of coordinator will begin assisting you with event preparation for about a month before the event and will serve as the main point of contact on the day of the event.

A day of coordinator will work to create a day-of timeline and will assist you with confirming vendor contracts, keeping track of payments, and keeping guests counts in order. Their job is to coordinate everything that is involved in the day of the event and keep it on schedule.

When you hire a day of coordinator about a month before your event, they can check that everything that has been planned out up until that point is in order. If they find any issues, they can tweak the details and clean up any loose ends, helping to avoid problems on the day of the event.

Day of Coordinator Duties

A day of coordinator will meet with you four to eight weeks before your event to learn more about what you have planned so far and help you make any necessary follow-ups or adjustments. A coordinator will also assist you by:

  • Reviewing the signed contracts and confirm logistics with your vendors
  • Creating detailed floor plans and timelines
  • Completing a walk-through of the event site
  • Tying up loose ends and addressing overlooked details
  • Overseeing everything from the schedule to the vendors the day of the event

When to Use a Day of Coordinator

If you’ve been playing an active role in planning your event, but you want someone to help you review your event plans to make sure you aren’t missing any key elements, then you may want to consider a day of coordinator for your Pittsburgh event. A day of coordinator is an excellent option for someone who is organized and detail-oriented looking for a little extra help or for someone with a budget that doesn’t allow for an event planner.

Expert Event Planning and Design Services

At Encore Event Design, our expert staff can assist you in planning your event for a stress-free experience. With our wide variety of design services, we can also assist you in bringing the vision for your event to life.

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