OMG! I’m Having A Baby!

One of the most incredible moments in life is the announcement that a baby is on the way. Your family has been selected to experience the amazing experience of pregnancy, labor and the evidence of creation. As the mother undergoes physical changes, so does the environment that will surround the precious blessing. This season requires lots of preparation for the little angel.  House changes, new furniture and tons of adorable little outfits, shoes, utensils, bottles, diapers and necessities will be compiled during the anticipated royal appearance. This is a time of celebration and there are so many ways to include family and friends in preparing for the baby. “It takes a village to raise a child,” is a famous quote that explains how most family members feel about the budding branch of the family tree, So be sure to engage your village in the celebration pending the birth. The following are few ideas of how to involve your family and friends/future babysitters.

IT’S POSITIVE!  If you have a chance to plan it, why not video the pregnancy announcement reactions of those that will be closest to the baby, like eager grandparents?  Be creative in your announcement; a pack of buns in the oven set off a national celebration when a couple shared their video of the husband learning that his wife was pregnant.  How many YouTube videos are out there now those allow the world to celebrate baby blessings.  Will you capture a viral moment? Have fun, bring tissues!

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IT’S A BOY, WAIT IT’S A GIRL!  Early in the pregnancy, doctors are usually able to detect the gender of the little bambino or bambina.   If you opt to find out the gender of the baby, host a gender announcement party with close family and friends.  Be sure to be specific that this event is separate from the baby shower.  You may want to use this opportunity to stockpile on diapers.  Include in your invitation what brand you plan to use, and then invite your attendees to bring their choice of gender specific diaper.  After the party, you have the option of keeping the wrong gender diaper or giving them to another expecting mother.  Here’s a gender reveal design held at our studio a few months ago.

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SHOWERED WITH WISDOM!  What better way to share the joy than to have a baby shower with friends and family.  Be sure to register at your favorite retailer and list it on the invitations.  Also, include your nursery character or color theme so your guest can purchase merchandise that reflects it.  Use this opportunity to not only have games and eat well, but to gather suggestions and advice from moms who have been there and done that.  Play the Mom Reality Check Game.  Take a basket and fill it with questions that you may have about the baby, pregnancy and delivery, then let some of the mothers pose questions as well.  Do you know what to do when breastfeeding does not go as perfect as the video?  What are some ways to get your figure back in 6 weeks or less?  What is the best product to use on those stretch marks?  Who has the best day care for newborns?  What do you do if the baby has colic?  When should my baby be sleeping through the night?  Pass the basket around the room; let every attendee pull and read a question then let the veteran moms provide you with their testimonies.  You might find their wisdom is the greatest gift of the party.

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NURSERY PARTY! Have you ever heard of a Paint Party where friends come by, eat pizza and help you paint the house?  Well a Nursery Party is very similar.  The menu is up to you but be sure to include refreshments for your partiers.  Use this day to get the room together for the little one.  Paint, put together the furniture, decorate, put the clothes in the dressers, layout the diapers, and add all the final touches to complete a peaceful setting for the new family members.  Hopefully, you have a village who wants to be part of the process.  This is a great way to include them and it takes some of the burden off of the parents.  You will be plenty busy soon enough.

NAME DROPPING!  Not sure of a perfect name for the baby?  Why not build a social media campaign to get ideas.  You could post that you are looking for a creative yet distinguished name for your baby.  Ask your followers to share your posting to have their friends contribute names.  Be sure to share with your audience fun pregnancy pictures so they can share with you the awesomeness of this particular time of your life.  You may want to include a gift of some sort to the winner.  But be sure to announce the winner once the baby has arrived and they are properly named.  Your audience will appreciate that they had a chance to be part of the process.  Be sure to keep information such as delivery date, your location and hospital confidential to maintain security.

Be sure to check out Encore Event Design for our hosted events in our studio and our list of services.  Whether you are having the event on site or wish to use our services at a location of your choice, we offer expert event designing support.  For more information, please visit www.encoreventdesign.com and follow us on Facebook for our daily posting of events.  We look forward to designing the perfect celebration for your baby shower.  Congratulations!

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