Keeping Calm on Your Wedding Day

Keeping Calm on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day has arrived. It is the day you’ve been looking forward to since you said, “Yes!” The last thing you want to feel on this glorious day is stress, anxiety, or frustration. While the enormous weight of the day can create some jitters and uneasiness, with a little foresight and self-care, you can avoid much of it and fully enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding Day “To Do” List:

Sleep: We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Clear thinking, emotional control, and energy are just a few of the positive effects of getting the right amount of rest. So, on a day when you’ll be busy from the moment you wake up, you want to be sure you’re well rested. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep for several nights leading up to your wedding day. The last thing you’ll want is to feel like you can’t focus on and enjoy your big day.

Eat: Make time to eat breakfast on the day of your wedding. Your blood sugar will be more regulated if you eat a balanced meal in the morning, and that means you’ll have energy to take you through the getting ready process. Incorporate protein, carbohydrates, and fat into your morning meal. Have some eggs with toast and peanut butter or avocado, or try some yogurt with fruit and granola. You may not have time to get much lunch, so pack some high-energy snacks and water for before or after the ceremony.

Be Alone: At some point in the day, take a few moments to be by yourself to pray, meditate, or just think about all the happy times that have led you and your fiancé to this day. Fill yourself with positive thoughts and release any negative energy, nervousness, or stress you might be holding on to.

Enjoy the Moment: This is likely the only wedding you’ll have, and you want to look back and remember it fondly. Try not to get caught up in little things that may go wrong, but instead, sit back and take it in. Breathe deeply and don’t rush anything. Focus on each step of the day as it happens, so that you can reflect on and appreciate the joyous occasion.

Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind

Emergency Kit: Prepare and bring an emergency kit with you. Pack things like bobby pins, safety pins, make-up, hair spray, a brush or comb, a small mirror, gum, and maybe even some band aids.

Wedding Planner: Be sure to check in with your wedding planner or event coordinator a few days prior to the wedding. Clarify location and arrival times, and go over the details of what the planner will be handling the day of the ceremony. Update your wedding planner on any last minute changes or decisions you’ve made since you last communicated.

Wedding Party: Communicate the plan for the day. Let them know where and when to get ready, what time to arrive at the ceremony, where pictures will take place, and how to get to the reception. If you’re having a rehearsal a day or two before, this is the perfect time to remind everyone of the details. Printing out an itinerary with dates, times, and addresses may be helpful so that no one gets confused.

Big Day Timing: Incorporate a little extra time for each leg of the day. Doing so will eliminate the need to rush any part of your celebration.

Coordinate: Communicate clearly with all vendors that are involved in your wedding. Be sure the DJ or band knows when they should arrive at the reception to set up. Coordinate cake and flower deliveries so that the wedding planner can have everything in place before guests begin to arrive. Contact your hair and makeup artist to solidify your timeline for getting ready.  If you’ve appointed someone with a specific task for the day, revisit the details with them so that their duties are clear.

Delegate: While you may want to completely control many of the details of your big day, it is important that you allow others to help. Assign some small tasks like folding programs or arranging name cards and table numbers to reliable friends or family. This will allow you to focus on the bigger things and enjoy your day.

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