How To Enjoy Your Big Day….Your Wedding

You waited your whole life for this season.  Your wedding date is on the calendar!  There is so much to do and the list is overwhelming.  What’s on the To Do list?:  announce the engagement party; select who is in the wedding party; schedule the planning meetings; shop for the dress; decide on the venue; pick the menu; plan the bridal shower; plan your honeymoon; plan the rehearsal dinner; write your vows; the list goes on.  With so many extra things to do, it can be easy to forget that your wedding should be one of the best days of your life.

Make life easier during this exciting time of your life.  Here are some ways to get you and ready and enjoying the preparation for your big day….your wedding.

  1. Create a Journal of Your Journey: Use your cell phone’s video feature as a way to capture your best (and crazy) thoughts as they happen. Take videos of something that catches your attention or that you want to compare to another item later. Use video as a way to record all the best, funny, and special moments as well as your thoughts along the way. Download and edit them to make a short movie. You could then keep the movie just for memories or share it at your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

  2. Think Beyond Just a Honeymoon: If you’ve always wanted to go to a Caribbean island for your honeymoon, take it to the next level (if budget allows), plan to go to a month or even a couple weeks. Plan to go to several islands or travel to another country with the love of your life. Make this time truly one to remember and a time that you will cherish forever.

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  4. Select the Best for Your Budget: We know that money can ultimately dictate the menu, cake, dress, venue and all the expenses of the wedding. Allow yourself to indulge a little and splurge on the things that mean the most to you. Unless you have unlimited funds you have to be mindful that you still have a life to live after the wedding, however this day happens (hopefully) once in a lifetime and should be special. Choose to spend your budget on things that will mean the most and have the most importance to you. If you don’t really like flowers but love an upscale cuisine, then splurge on the food and use candlelight for your centerpieces. The point is that it’s your day and it should be special for you and your future spouse.

  5. Set a Weekly Planning Date. Take one day out of the week and set it aside for wedding related things. If you begin early enough, this should still allow you plenty of time to be prepared. Use this day to meet with vendors, venues, your planner or whomever you need to meet with to secure services/items for your day. This scheduling method will let you enjoy the planning process while still staying organized and on top of things.

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  7. Enjoy the Preparation: One thing that you can begin to do now that you should continue even after your marriage is taking time for yourself. Often we tend to do so much for others and staying busy that we forget about ourselves. We are no good to others and don’t give the best versions of ourselves when we haven’t properly taken care of ourselves. Make a conscious effort to take the time out to treat yourself to something you enjoy. It needn't always be something extravagant, it can just be time to read, listen to your favorite music, or taking a long walk. Do something that makes you happy and gives you the time to reflect and renew.

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  9. Show Appreciation: One of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of appreciation. So take this time and let the people who are participating (and funding if applicable) in your wedding know how much they mean to you. Handwrite letters to each member of your wedding party personally thanking them for what they have done to make your day possible. They have invested their time and finances into your day so let them know how much you love them and what they mean to you.

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  11. Share your Journey. Everyone will want to know what you did to create this special day. Why not create an inspirational blog or website about how you are creating your dream day. Include any DIY projects, or photos that inspired your decisions. You can even use the preparation video we discussed earlier in the list.

  12. Dress Rehearse your Look. Be sure to include a fun day to test out makeup, hair and nails. Go test drive colors and styles and make sure you are comfortable with the outcome. Remember, the day will call for waterproof, long lasting, smudge-proof, shimmering, and opaque. Don’t wait until the day of your wedding to find out you hate that hairstyle that looked fabulous in the magazine or that makeup that looked flawless on the model, isn’t quite the same on you.

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  14. Bring the Emergency Kit. Make sure your Maid of Honor has an emergency kit with her on the day of the wedding. The kit should include: Extra pantyhose, clear fingernail polish, polish the color of the bride’s mani and pedicure, bobby pins, safety pins, feminine products, hairspray, make up kit, hair products, perfume, money, keys, snacks, sewing kit, and the contact numbers of every wedding party participant and vendor. Be prepared for any and everything that could go wrong but be optimistic that it won't.

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  16. Plan Early: Take the stress out of the process by doing things early. Set a calendar that allows you to have things accomplished weeks or even months before your ceremony. By doing so allows you to be able to enjoy the event and not focus on the process. Set the tone for your marriage and new life by being organized, prepared ready to enjoy one of the best days of your life.

Congratulations on your future wedding! Encore Event Design would be honored to help assist you with the decor needs for your special day. We offer a wide range of decor services as well as studio space perfect for your engagement party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. Contact us today at 412-923-5355 or events@encoreeventdesign.com to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping bring your dream to event reality!