How to Choose the Right Banquet Hall

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When you are looking for a place to guests to gather for your event, it is important to find the right place to accommodate everyone as well as the style of the event. To make that happen, the banquet hall that you choose will be one of the main ingredients for this plan. When deciding on your Pittsburgh banquet hall, there certainly are a few boxes that must be checked. Read on and ask yourself if you have thoroughly considered all the following questions. You likely have, but be sure to dig in deep.

5 Important banquet hall questions you must ask:

1. Which banquet hall will accommodate your guests?

2. Which venue’s location will accommodate your needs?

3. Which venue will accommodate your specific style or theme?

4. What amenities do you require at minimum?

5. Where does the banquet hall rank within your budget?


Which banquet hall will accommodate your guests?

Whether you are throwing the party of the century or keeping it quaint and intimate, this is an important consideration. Of course, you cannot go into the planning process without an idea of how many guests will be dancing at your shindig. After you nail down your guest list, be sure your location is not too big, nor too small. Often, a large venue can create a smaller space from a large one, but there is skill involved. If the venue is small and creates mobility issues, this can be a problem for everyone involved. Map out your floor plan and traffic flow against your guest list, but be thorough. And if overcrowding occurs, let’s hope the overall location does not cause additional inconvenience.

Which venue’s location will accommodate your needs?

As quaint as “middle of the country” sounds, you still need to consider your guests and their travel plans. Ideally, you will want to find a venue that is centrally located. Are many guests traveling? Will overnight accommodations be needed? Also consider travel from that is needed for events, especially on occasions such as weddings.

Which venue will accommodate your style or theme?

If you want to have a classy event, the local fire hall might not be the best choice. Don’t get me wrong, wonders can happen with lighting and flair, but remain realistic. Your venue should give you a head start by providing appropriate lighting, cleanliness, modernity that you require.

What amenities do you require, at minimum?

Will your venue provide you with just the basics? Tables, chairs, audio system. Will there be enough parking? Will your venue be responsible for catering? This day in age, you may even want free wi-fi or even charging stations. The details really need to be ironed out when you consider the amenities are chosen.

Where does the banquet hall rank within your budget?

If you are a part of the majority, costs must be considered. You will naturally prioritize what is most important to you. The golden rule will apply, you get what you pay for, but you still need to conduct a cost/benefit analysis. This is where your prioritization will be key. If you rank your venue is highly important, then you will allocate a larger portion of your budget in this area.

All in all, be sure to do your homework. Booking a banquet hall has become easier, having the ability to check many out online. Additionally, online reviews have become a true help when making this decision. Once you narrow your choice to a few, be sure to meet with staff and do a walk-through of the space.  You can also contact banquet halls and event designers, like Encore Event Design, to help book your hall.