Grateful For Extended Family Traditions

The holiday season is right around the corner. The year, 2016, is in the fourth quarter. It is time to buckle down and focus on whatever resolutions we declared at the beginning of the year. Perhaps one of those resolutions involved spending more time with your love ones. If so, there are several easy and fun ways to have a memorable time with your family members. Even if you have existing holiday traditions that you want to maintain, there is always room on the calendar to add more quality moments. The following tips might spark you to take action with gathering the troop for some good times.

  1. STORIES, CARDS AND GRANDMA’S POUND CAKE! Before cable provided 24 hour entertainment, families used to come together on a regular basis to keep each other entertained. Why not bring back the weekly family get together for an evening of fun. Bring the Monopoly board game or shuffle a pack of cards for a Spades game. Teach the young ones how to have good sportsmanship but more importantly take this time to pass down critical family history. Tell the chronological stories of ancestors and make sure the younger generation knows what strong a bond exists within the family. Cap the evening off with having a bake off to see who comes close to cloning the favorite family dishes including Grandma’s famous pound cake.

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  3. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW! Why not host a family party complete with a DJ, food and a great place with a dance floor. Let the younger ones show you how to do the latest dance while you bring them up to speed on the classic line dances. Then line up for your Soul Train line and let everyone have their spotlight moment. End the night with a dance competition complete with a judges’ panel.

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  5. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Is there a particular football game that you look forward to all year? Is it Pittsburgh Steelers versus Cleveland Browns? If so, why not invite your team to join you for a Potluck or Catered Football Party. Be sure to tell your guests that the dress code requires a football jersey representing their favorite team. Make sure your party agenda includes watching the game while enjoying your favorite delicious snacks. For those in attendance who might not be that into football, have a section with music, drinks and dancing with the game in the background. This way they can still be a part of the party and enjoy themselves.

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  7. MAD HATTER TEA PARTY! There is such a need to instill confidence and grace into our young ladies these days. It might be nice for families to take the time to celebrate, teach and mentor them so they are strong in a difficult world. It’s also a great excuse to play dress up and shop for a new outfit. So why not host a tea party with a program geared at celebrating and teaching young ladies that it does not matter what the world displays, the standards set by your family outweigh anything the world presents. The meal can be catered with tea sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, salads, pastries, refreshing beverages and of course tea.

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  9. NON HOLIDAY FAMILY DINNER: Perhaps the holidays have become a time where everyone goes their separate ways instead of coming together. In some families, the children grow up, get married and spend the holidays out of town or with their in-laws. It may seem as if the entire family never seems to be in the same city at the same time. Well, who said that the only time the family should get together is Thanksgiving and Christmas? Why not plan a Family Dinner on a weekend that allows all members of the family to come together? Cook all the favorites; bring out the cards; exchange gifts; thank the parents for their sacrifice; welcome the new baby; meet the new girlfriend or boyfriend; encourage the newlyweds and as a family thank God for keeping your loved ones and for allowing you to come together.

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It is not necessary to wait for a reason to get together as a family. Host a day of family love and create new rituals. You may be surprised of the impact your get together may make in your love ones’ lives. One year’s event may turn into the next year’s event and before you know it, a new tradition is born.

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