Easter Ideas for Kids

Easter eggs decorations

With the Easter holiday right around the corner, it’s time to enjoy the spring weather and have fun with your children! At Encore Event Design, we’ve put together some fun ideas you can incorporate into your Easter celebration that are sure to be a hit! 

Enjoy the Spring Weather with These Fun Easter Games

Want to try something new for your Easter celebration? Consider a few of these fun ideas:

Lawn Bowling with Easter Eggs– Use a dozen hardboiled eggs, one white, and the rest each dyed a different color for this Easter version of bocce ball. To begin the game, gently toss the white egg onto the lawn. Each player will take turns rolling their colored eggs toward the white egg. The goal is to see who can get closest to the white egg without their colored egg touching it. 

Capture the Easter Egg– A fun twist on the classic capture the flag game that is sure to be a blast! Divide the players into two teams and have them select a color. You will need eight hardboiled eggs, four for each team in two different colors. Each member of the team must attempt to capture the opposing team’s egg without being tagged out. The first team to capture all the other team’s eggs or to have the last man standing is the winner. 

Easter Egg Dying- This is an excellent activity for children and gives them the chance to get creative! You can purchase egg dying kits at your local store, or you can consider dying eggs with food coloring and whipping cream or use some rice sprinkled in food coloring for a unique design. To help contain the mess, use a muffin tin to hold the dye, whipping cream, or rice. For younger children, consider placing the egg inside of a whisk for easier dipping. 

Easter Egg Hunt– This classic game is always a fun time for everyone, young and old! Add a twist to the game by transforming it into a treasure hunt. Fill an Easter basket with a bunch of goodies and hide the basket. Write out clues to the basket’s location on small strips of paper, fold them up, and place them in plastic Easter egg. Hide the eggs and let the treasure hunt begin. 

Jellybean Guessing Game– If the weather has brought Spring showers to your celebration, consider playing a jellybean guessing game to pass the time. Fill a jar or other clear container with jellybeans and ask everyone to guess how many jellybeans are inside of the container. Whoever gets the closest to the actual total without going over is the winner! 

Bring Spring to Your Party with Easter Themed Balloons

At Encore Event Design, we are dedicated to making each celebration special for our clients. For the Easter holiday, we can provide you with a variety of Easter-themed balloon bouquets that are sure to brighten your holiday. From flowers to bunnies, we have the perfect Easter balloons to suit your event or that can serve as a fun and unique gift for your children or special someone. We now offer balloon delivery to ensure you receive quality service throughout your experience with us. 

Want to Host an Easter Themed Party? Encore Junior Can Help! 

At Encore Junior, we specialize in throwing themed parties for children. We strive to provide your child with the perfect party and you with a stress-free experience. We offer 2 hours of activities and entertainment for the children, including characters such as Elsa, Moana, and Snow White, as well as themed professional decorations. We also provide you with a party host to assist with the food, activities, and other items you have provided. Our staff will also handle the cleanup, allowing you to enjoy the party with your child. 

Contact Encore Event Design today to learn more about our balloon delivery services or to get started planning your child’s party with Encore Junior!