Congratulations, it is time to celebrate!

Ways to Recognize Your Graduate

Graduation is a wonderful time to honor a person who has dedicated their focus to accomplish a set goal.  It is important to recognize that everyone who started the process did not finish the requirements to get to graduation.  Your graduate had the tenacity, knowledge and determination to fulfill the requirements to qualify to be a graduate.  So, now that the final exam is done; the grades are in; you did it; it is time to party!  Let’s look at some exciting ways to celebrate.

  1. Pick a theme.  Is your graduate an athlete?  Did your former student belong to student government?  Pick a color scheme that reflects their activities in school.  Encore Event Design can feature your graduate’s colors by setting the décor to create a festive atmosphere.  Our talented team of event designers can custom design a room as elegant or as fun as you can imagine.

  3. Float on wishes.  Have your guest create a list of best wishes.  Place each individual wish in a balloon.  As your guests arrive to Encore Event Design, our party floor can be full of colorful balloons.  Part of the evening festivities can include having your guests walk and dance among the colorful balloons.  At the end of the event, allow each guest to pick up and pop a balloon to read off the wishes.  What a wonderful way to end an evening.



  5. Let’s start at the beginning.  If your graduate just finished high school or college, it is a great time to reflect back on the journey.  Using a PowerPoint presentation, rotate grade school pictures with toothless grins and other special moments.  Encore has two 55in monitors to make it simple and effortless.  Your presentation can be set on an automatic fade in with limited pictures.  You can set up fun memories that old and new friends can enjoy.

  7. Is your graduate a foodie?  Pick a menu of their favorite food items from appetizers to dessert to celebrate your special person.   Make sure you offer alternative menu options for your guest with food allergies or dietary restrictions.  Encore makes this easy with affordable and delicious food options from our referred caterer.

  9. Future inspiration.  As your graduate enters the next phase of life, they will definitely face challenges.  Why not take few minutes to pen a letter of inspiration for your graduate’s future success.  Provide note paper and pen to your guests and give your guest instructions on providing advice and inspiration to your world changer.



  11. Tell the story.  Everyone has a life story.  Take this opportunity to record your graduate’s best “moments in life story”.  For guests who have accompanied the graduate through life, let them have 15 minutes of microphone time to highlight the best moments of their life in a chronological format.  Let someone highlight the guest of honor’s birth or adoption by sharing only the funny or best moments of that event.  Let someone else highlight the toddler moments.  Let another friend or family member highlight the elementary years; followed by other guests highlighting middle and high school years.  For a lasting gift, record the whole story and make a DVD.

  13. Hit the Dance Floor.  Encore Event Designs has a dance floor that is perfect for the latest dance moves.  Get your partiers up on the floor for a fun night for everyone to enjoy.  Need lessons, hire a dance instructor to provide a ½ hour lesson at the beginning of your event.  It will be guaranteed fun for your graduate to watch Aunt Judith do the Cha Cha Slide.



  15. The Personal Party Favor.  Be sure your guests leave with your graduate’s new contact information.  As a party favor, why not have a graduation picture post card that lists the graduate’s phone number, email and new address listed for their future use.  Be sure to collect the left-overs and properly destroy them for their safety.

  17. Stay in Touch.  For your graduate’s future use, create a contact list of all the party attendees.  Have your guests either RSVP or log in upon arrival to an Excel spreadsheet that includes their name, phone number, email address and social media sites.  This list will be a great way for your graduate to stay in touch once they leave home.

  19. Bring the fun.  You may want Grandma and Cousin Susan there, but the graduate really wants all of their peers.   Why not compromise and have family time for 2-3 hours and the rest of the time to dance the night away with friends.

Contact us today to schedule your perfect graduation party.  We can be reached at 412-923-5355.  You can also visit our website, www.encoreeventdesign.com, for a complete list of services.  Check out our featured GRADUATE specials listed below.  Be sure to mention your discount when you book your event.  We look forward to celebrating your successful graduate!