Choosing Decor for Your Spring Wedding

Many brides envision their big day to be a certain way. Maybe you always dreamed of being a spring bride, like your grandmother was, surrounded by lilac orchids and other pastels, in a rustic barn with white lights strung throughout. Or maybe you’re more interested in making a bold statement in a grand ballroom or a converted warehouse that offers a neutral slate for you to transform your way.


Where do you begin?

Start with color. Color is inspirational, nostalgic, and sets the tone while you say, “I do.” That’s why choosing a palette that speaks to you is an important first step in wedding planning. All other decisions will spring from this one.


Let color inspire you

You probably already know what colors you and your fiancé gravitate toward, but we recommend you take a whirl through Pinterest for ideas. We recommend you pick three colors, with one of them being a neutral to balance the rest out. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Vibrant blues and passionate oranges are hot right now
  • Gold and blush pink would make for a wonderful vintage wedding
  • For seaside extravaganzas, consider sea glass greens or the nautical classic pairing of navy and white with a pop of yellow.
  • Gray, burgundy, and cream are lovely as well and never go out of style.


Choose early on

Everything hinges on your first decisions. Once you’ve chosen a color palette, choosing a venue will fall into place. For instance, if you’re going for an outdoor garden theme, you’ll need to secure a venue that can accommodate your guests. Maybe you envision a big white tent and a string quartet. Many venues book up quickly, so once you have your theme decided, book that venue. Also secure the date at your church, and book the caterer and musicians.


What to wear?

Your bridal gown may take time to find, but now that you’ve got your color palette and venue decided, your dress and your bridesmaids’ will be easier to select. You can also refer to the time of day and formality of the venue for inspiration.


Thread color throughout your décor  

The colors you choose for your wedding celebration will carry through every other decision such as the cake, the menu, favors, and lighting. How you choose to use the color in your décor will set your wedding apart from everyone else’s.


Springtime offers the most variety of flowers

Can you smell the sweet scent of tulips and cherry blossoms already? Pick one neutral to balance out the rest and then go ahead and spice it up with a vibrant shade your guests will remember.


Need help bringing it all together?

Consider Encore Event Design, the premier event planners in Pittsburgh. Located conveniently in the historic West End, we offer clients everything in event coordination, focusing on the details so you can waltz your way to your big day. Call us to see how we can help you pull together the celebration of your lifetime.