11 Tips to Make Your Event Stand Out

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Pulling off a fun and memorable event can be a very challenging task to accomplish. Whether you are throwing an office party, an anniversary celebration or a charity fundraiser, your primary goal is to host a fantastic event!

To make sure your event goes above and beyond the average party, follow these 11 tips:

1. Create the right mix of people with your guest list.

Guests can make or break the event. When you have a good, diverse mix of people, you can create a lighter, livelier environment where people will feel more comfortable and will be more likely to mingle.

2. Choose a standout theme.

The theme and how well you express it play a significant role in your event.  Be sure everything from the décor and the food down to the music and the lighting works together and flows with the theme of the event.

3. Choose the Right Date.

You will want to keep the schedules of your guests in mind when planning your event and try to avoid scheduling your event on the same days as other significant events that month to prevent schedule conflicts.

4. Be sure the venue is appropriate for your event.

When choosing a venue, consider the following:

  • Stay within your budget. You also want to make sure your choice of venue fits into your budget.
  • Number of guests. You want to make sure the venue has adequate room and seating for everyone on your guest list. Avoid choosing a venue that is too big for your guest list or one that will be too crowded. Double check your guest list when checking out a venue to be sure you have the correct number of guests so that you can choose the most comfortable venue.
  • Type of event. Consider the kind of party/event you are hosting and be sure to choose a venue that is appropriate for the event.

5. Make a great first impression with a unique invite.

A stunning invitation will entice your guests and give them an idea of what to expect at the event you are hosting. A personalized invitation is a great way to show guests the effort you are investing in the event and is sure to make a great impression.

6. Grab their attention with a stunning statement piece.

With an extravagant centerpiece, such as a chocolate fountain or an ice-sculpture, you can get guests talking about your event long after its over and sharing photos of your statement piece on social media.

7. Set the mood of the event.

Whether you are looking for a classy ambiance or a more surreal tone to the event, lighting, and music, play a major role in setting the mood of the event. So, take into consideration how you want the lighting set up and whether you plan to hire a professional DJ or use your own audio system.

8. Great food and drinks to keep guests happy.

The menu is king at any event. People will always remember what they ate or drank at an event, so be sure to carefully choose the catering to ensure people enjoy the menu. With delicious food and drinks, your event will be unforgettable.

9. Confirm your guest list.

Be sure to confirm your guest attendance 1 to 2 weeks before your event. This will help you prepare for extra seating for last minute guests.

10. Don’t forget the thank you notes!

After the event, be sure to take the time to send out thank you cards to each of your guests. A personalized thank you note is the perfect way thank you your guests for coming to your event and to serve as a reminder of the wonderful time they had.

11. Hire a professional event planner and designer.

One essential tip for pulling off the perfect event is to hire an event designer and planner. With Encore Event Design, our expert team can take care of all aspects of event planning for your next Pittsburgh event.

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We can help you with everything from balloon design, linens, and backdrops, to lighting, centerpieces, and décor to bring the theme of your event to life. If you want to pull off a memorable event, our expert team of event planners and designers can help!

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